Welcome to the Official Web Site for Trades Jazz Club, Guam.


N  O      C  O  V  E   R     C  H  A  R  G  E

Trades the only true Jazz Club on the Tropical Island Guam.

Trades opens daily at 8 p.m. and the LIVE MUSIC starts at 10 p.m.. Please join us, we are doing everything possible to make your stay an unforgettable time.

Trades is located on the second floor of the Bayview Plaza Building across Planet Hollywood. Free Parking is available behind the Bayview Plaza Building, the Parking Entrance is between Bayview Plaza and SandCastle, to view map please click here.

Please, click on the image below to get some information about Patric Palomo, one of our outstanding musician.

Thank you very much for visiting our page. We hope you enjoyed your visit. For more information and reservation, call 646-1755, or press the E-MAIL SIGN below.

Please, check the following Link, you will find more helpful information about Guam.

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